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tao: {diy} coming soon!

diy is coming!

The do-it-yourself version of Teaching Art Online will be available on June 7, 2012. 

This is a comprehensive self-study course. Get ready for:

Go at your own pace. Take as long as you need. Enjoy lifetime access to the virtual classroom and all course materials.

More information and special pre-order price here.

images that speak to you

When I think about images that speak to me I think of images that stir some emotion in me, move me, make me feel.  That’s one definition. In Teaching Art Online you learn another way that images can speak to you.

Need to reach out to your students to show them something quickly? Want to create a free tutorial for visitors to your website? Maybe you just want to explain something about one of your pieces.  Now you can!

 Click on the image and let it speak to you.


no webcam? no problem! teaching art online gives you options

In the previous post I shared a short clip that shows how one of the tools we use in TAO allows you to add video comments to a tutorial.  I know, I know, not everyone wants to be on camera!  It’s not a problem with this tool because there is more than one way to include commentary in your tutorials, including adding audio comments instead, or even text comments. Take a look!


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creating an interactive experience for students

One of the goals for Teaching Art Online is to help you create an interactive learning experience for your students. There are many ways to do this – here’s a quick clip of one tool that allows the instructor to describe and explain what is happening in the photos. Students are able to see the instructor because you use your webcam when you comment on the slides. 

Though this clip doesn’t show it, in the class you learn how your students can do the same – leave comments and questions using their webcam. It’s a great way to create a dialogue and true interaction in an online learning environment.

In the next post I share how instructors and students can add audio or text comments because I know that not everyone has a webcam, nor is everyone comfortable being on camera.

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