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tao: the way is an eCourse designed to teach artists how to create an eLearning environment for their students with digital download tutorials, eBooks and multimedia online classes.

The journey begins by learning how to create a small (5-10 page), beautiful and effective PDF tutorial suitable to share a short technique.

The course continues on the path to a rich student experience by showing you how to turn a series of tutorials into an eBook and then takes eLearning to another level by exploring ways to give your students a rich, multimedia learning experience.

Build on your skills with each module. When it’s time to put it all together, choose the components that work best for your teaching needs.

The eCourse comes with me as your patient guide. I am there with you every step of the way as you navigate new territory and learn how to create online art classes.

Teaching Art Online -  the way to bring art classes to students around the world.


Class begins February 4, 2013 and ends March 29, 2013.
Students have lifetime access to the course materials, videos and virtual classroom.**


What you learn:

Module One: Creating A Digital Download {Art Tutorials}

Watch over my shoulder as I create a PDF tutorial using free software that works whether you are on a PC or a Mac. Learn how to use a web-based program to create professional, high-quality tutorials. I walk you through the steps and share tools you need to protect and distribute your tutorials. The module includes written material and video tutorials.

Module One is spread out over two weeks. There are 10 videos and more than 2 hours of instruction in this module. It is not mandatory to watch all 10 videos in this module – when you pick the tool you want to use to create your PDF you will watch the videos associated with that tool.

In this Module Learn How To:

  • create a mind map of your idea
  • choose tools to create the tutorial that fits your budget and interest
  • create a PDF tutorial – images and text
  • protect and distribute a digital download. . .and more!


Module Two: An eBook Primer

Want something juicier than a tutorial? More? Bigger? Better? Expanding on the PDF tutorial, in this module you create a full eBook with techniques that make it POP; learn how to publish the eBook and how to turn your eBook into a print book!

In this module learn how to:

  • create covers for your eBook
  • outsource different parts of the process 
  • publish your eBook on different publishing platforms 
  • turn your eBook into a print book. . .and more!


Modules Three & Four: MultiMedia Online Classes 

Now that you know how to create tutorials, eBooks and handouts for your online class let’s take it one step further and create a multimedia experience for your students – without a video camera. Watch over my shoulder as I create an interactive online class, sharing software and web-based solutions (some are free, others have either a monthly or flat fee).

In this module learn:

  • about screencasts, enhanced slideshows and other options for multimedia classes
  • how to use different eLearning tools to create interactive online classes
  • how to choose which  software and web-based solutions are best for your needs. . .and more!

Module Five: Creating The Online Learning Environment

Modules 1 – 4 teach you how to lay out, organize and create the content for an online class, but what’s the best way to get it to students?  In Module 5, I share the ins and outs of self-study and hosted classes, web-based hosting solutions, plugins to make a WordPress website into a virtual classroom and more!

In this module learn how to:

  • host a virtual classroom inside your website (WordPress websites only)
  • create a virtual classroom using a third-party host
  • use a variety of tools to make content creation and conducting an online class more effective. . .and more!


Module Six: Teaching Tips

Creating the online learning environment is only part of the picture. It’s important to know best practices for teaching to ensure that students will have a gratifying experience in your class. In Teaching Tips I share universal tips and those that work particularly well for eLearning.

In this module learn how to:

  • put your students at ease instantly
  • break down common barriers to learning
  • provide an experience that has students singing your praises to all of their friends. . .and more!


Just Added!


Module Seven:  Video 101

Many people are intimidated by shooting video – in Module 7 you learn to make friends with the idea! Owning some kind of a video camera is far more common today than it was even a few years ago. Why? Smartphones. You no longer need expensive gear to shoot high quality video content. In the newly added Module 7, I explore best practices for shooting video with a Smartphone for part or all of your online class content. Discover a world of resources, tools and tips for your first (or next) online class video.

In this module learn how to:

  • create video content for your online art class using your Smartphone (lighting, sound, editing, hosting)
  • create the ultimate Smartphone video studio for under $50
  • make sure your videos are effective by utilizing this set of best practices
  • choose the right resources for your needs (including resources for non-phone video equipment)
  • and more!


 Learn how to make professional looking PDFs tutorials that really POP!

 Discover how to make your step by step tutorials do double duty 


 How it works:

  • The class is hosted in a private, members-only virtual classroom. I am present and available throughout the program to help you remain cool, calm and collected as you learn new skills and resources.
  • You receive an email each Monday with links to the assignment and tutorials for that week’s module.
  • You are invited to participate in two 60 minute Q & A webinars. You come with questions and answer in real time, sharing my screen so you can follow along. Webinars are recorded for students who cannot attend and posted in the virtual classroom.
  • You get 24/7 access to a private, members-only Facebook group.  I visit the group Monday-Friday to troubleshoot and answer questions as quickly as possible.
  • You get lifetime access to the video tutorials and virtual classroom.**
  • You receive a copy of the Resource Guide eBook filled with tips, tools and inspiration.


Find out everything you need to know to host a webinar for your students


 Sounds Great – What’s The Price?

There are two price point options for this eCourse: the standard class and an enhanced version with more individual attention.

Choose the option that works best for you : tao: the way {eCourse} and tao: the way {PLUS}.

tao: the way {eCourse} includes :

  • 7 weeks of instruction
  • 1 additional week of support
  • lifetime access to the videos and virtual classroom
  • lifetime access to a private Facebook group for students and alumni
  • bi-weekly live Q & A webinars
  • The course guide eBook

Price: $197 – Once your payment is complete, PayPal will direct you to the Registration page on this website so you can complete the registration process and gain instant access to the course. If you are not redirected, please contact me ( You are going to LOVE this class!


tao: the way {PLUS} includes all of the above PLUS:

  • one-on-one assistance through 45 minutes of individual phone support
  • private access to me via one email question each day Mon-Thurs for 8 weeks

Price: $297 - Once your payment is complete, PayPal will direct you to the Registration page on this website so you can complete the registration process and gain instant access to the course. If you are not redirected, please contact me ( You are going to LOVE this class!

Class begins February 4, 2013 and ends March 29, 2013.
Students have lifetime access to the course materials, videos and virtual classroom.**

What you need:

  • A high speed internet connection
  • Images and text to create one project – you can use the same images and text for each module
  • A Smartphone – if you are interested in Module 7. You can also use utilize much of the information if you are using other types of video recording devices.
  • Patience with yourself – you can do this and I’m here to help you stay cool, calm and collected!

What it is/What it isn’t:

  • This is a comprehensive course - you get to watch up close and personal as I create a tutorial, an eBook and a multimedia online class. I researched, tested and weeded through a myriad of tools and resources to find effective, beautiful and affordable (often free) options. I walk you through the steps to create a multimedia art class experience for your students using a selection of my top picks in tools and resources.
  • The eCourse isn’t a design class. I work with basic templates when teaching how to use the available tools. You can make modifications to the templates as you learn how to use the tools. In some cases I offer links to more advanced templates, resources and design assistance.
  • This class is an action-packed course filled with practical guidance and step-by-step instructions to help you actualize your ideas for an online class. You will learn how to use the software and web-based tools necessary to create and conduct online classes through videos, PDF tutorials (imagine that!) and live demonstrations (the webinars). You also receive information and assistance regarding how to distribute the final product and how to step up your game as a teacher.
  • It isn’t a creativity class with worksheets or checklists to help you decide what skills you want to teach. You are a well-spring of creative ideas. With me as your guide, this eCourse helps you master the tools to share your techniques online and teaches you how to use those tools effectively.
  • It is the only eCourse that teaches how to create an online art class. Register for the February 2013 session of this class today!

 Sneak Peek

Click on the videos below for a quick glimpse inside one of the modules – watch as I demonstrate features of exciting tools we work with in the class. The tools are two of several options I introduce you to in this class.

Take a look at two of the tools we explore in the class

Please note that the videos inside the virtual classroom are much larger for easy viewing!

Class begins February 4, 2013 and ends March 29, 2013.
Students have lifetime access to the course materials, videos and virtual classroom.**


** For as long as the class remains on this website which I hope will be a very long time!


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